Giovanni Motta

Giovanni Motta (born 15 July 1971 in Verona) is an Italian contemporary artist. After studying accountancy, he began working in the world of communication as a creative and advertising artist, collaborating, among others, with Emanuele Pirella in Milan. His nature as an artist and his technical talent became apparent as a child. At the age of 9, he won an international drawing competition organised by the FAO. At the same time, he became interested in figurative and contemporary art, with a particular interest in the world of Japanese "anime" and "manga", which became essential for his research into the theme that would become the leitmotif of his work: the inner child. This child is represented by a cartoon-like character design, JonnyBoy. JonnyBoy appears in all his work, in paintings, sculptures and digital works. Jonny's main characteristic is the expression that remains unchanged in every work, whether digital or physical. A hyperrealist painter and lover of technology, he has been using 3D printing since 2010 to create his sculptures and digital animation programs to create 3D videos. Since 2018 she starts collaborating with art galleries in Colombia, China, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. In September 2020 he approaches Crypto Art, a new artistic current where everything is still to be built and where it is possible to rewrite art history. In November 2020 he enters the most important Crypto art gallery in the world: Superrare publishing his first work: "Forgetting", Edition 1/1. In January 2021 he is ranked number 1 in the world by Superrare.

Where is Jonny?

Where is JonnyBoy? Where did he escape to? Time goes by and our inner child is farther and farther away, immersed in some layer of the soul searching for a space and a moment to express himself and come back to life. His is a journey into the future, a journey into the past, in search of individuality, presence and the joy of living. The child is there, he is covered by other experiences... covered by adolescence, then by youth, then by middle age and then by old age... but the child is always there.

Afternoon Garage

Who hasn't ever dreamed of going on an interstellar journey with a rocket backpack built with recycled materials that allows one to fly to the moon and beyond? Exactly so, Giovanni Motta highlights the irrepressible desire for travel and discovery of JonnyBoy, a brave but uncertain child who lives in the soul of each and every one of us, a child who wants to run with all their strength to reach the farthest star out there

Under the Rock

Under the Rock