Andrea Bonaceto

Andrea Bonaceto is an artist and entrepreneur. As an artist, he’s focusing on programmable art and the intersection between visual art, music and poetry. He collaborated artistically with Sophia The Robot, the most advanced AI humanoid robot in the world, and with Corriere Della Sera, the largest Italian newspaper. His work has been featured on mainstream media and museum exhibitions worldwide. Andrea has been involved in the blockchain and NFT space since the early days. He is among the Founding Partners at Eterna Capital, a leading investment company focused on blockchain technology. In addition, Andrea is the Co-Founder of AoRisT, a next generation cultural institution supporting a climate-forward NFT marketplace for artists creating at the edge of art and technology. Andrea is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and has been featured as Forbes Under 30 Italy 2019.


Circle by Andrea Bonaceto 10 ed.


AB INFINITE 1 is a live tale. It juxtaposes figurative images to abstract forms in a mosaic-like composition that is open to different interpretations. First and foremost, it represents the story of the artist, portraying some of his life’s vicissitudes and milestones. Bonaceto’s parents are portrayed sitting around the table, tablemats in place where the family used to sit when the artist was in his Tuscan home. His nephews and life partner are also there, as well as some of his career’s highlights, like when he started playing the guitar on the streets of London with a busking license. There are also monsters, a graveyard depicted in a fetish frame, Death and more otherworldly presences.