Cody Rutty

Cody Rutty is an American painter and digital artist whose work focuses on complexity and emergence in layered visuals- a process he describes as 'iterative abstraction.’ While running parallel to his analog works, his digital compositions explore both static and animated interpretations of the relationship between the artist, the viewer, and the medium itself in the scope of a rapidly evolving world of art. Accepted as an artist onto the SuperRare platform in 2020, Rutty experiments with technologies while also spending time with paint and pens in the studio, experimenting with the bridge between the two in a common aesthetic. Both his traditional and digital works can be found in a growing number of public and private collections throughout the world. Rutty's work has been featured in numerous publications such as Juxtapoz, has worked with clients ranging from Microsoft to CTA Architects and Engineers, and has garnered awards from the National Endowment for the Arts and various artist in residence programs nationally. He has worked as a full-time studio artist for over a decade and a crypto artist since 2020.


Ensemble. Together. In-between are the moments, the time spent alone, the pieces only you see. Traversing between memories, those times while staring at a wall, walking while thinking, sitting, hoping, worrying, loving- they form us while longing to be together again. This is a dedication to the simple desire to be companions and friends to one another and to feel such a warmth that that simple longing brings. We are together, even when alone.

We Can Pretend

'We Can Pretend' is a piece about being able to transform reality with another person, just imagining and shifting time and space together.