Giuseppe Veneziano

Giuseppe Veneziano was born in Mazzarino, Sicily on february 22nd, 1971. He received his degree in Architecture in 1996 from the University of Palermo. In 2002 he moved to Milan and continues to live there, now dedicating himself exclusively to art and painting. In 2006 he realized his first important exhibition at the Luciano Inga Pin gallery in Milan. In 2007 he participated in the 6th edition of the Biennale of St. Petersburg; in 2009 he participated in the 4th Biennale of Prague and in 2011 is invited to the Italian Pavilion of the 54th Biennale of Venice. Giuseppe Veneziano is today one of the main Italian artists of the New Pop current. With his pictorial language, both original and recognizable, the artist deals with sensitive issues such as politics, sex and religion, through which he gives us an objective and disenchanted image of today’s society. His canvases are populated by historical personalities and celebrities of the present, movie icons and characters from comics and cartoons. For Veneziano there is no difference between fiction and reality, elements that tend to mix and mingle in today’s media society. The artist works on the iconic impact of his subjects, whether they are extrapolated from a work of the past, from a comic strip or from a news photo. What counts is the communicative capacity of the images, which become like the words of a universal and comprehensible language, precisely because they are rooted in global mass culture. critics and art sector magazines have acknowledged him as one of the highest exponents of the Italian New Pop movement and the group Italian Newbrow.

The massacre of the innocents

Some pieces of art often want to represent the truth hidden behind the human feelings. “ the massacre of the innocents” is an artwork that uses symbols of our collective imagination to reflect on real facts that we read daily on the newspapers: family tragedies with innocent victims. Evil is contextual to good, and vice versa. They are two inseparable dimensions