Gutty Kreum

Gutty Kreum is a Canada-based pixel artist. Heavily influenced by both urban and rural Japan, he tries bringing a feeling of nostalgia and calmness with every illustration. His work has also been featured in the physical and digital version of the book 'The Masters of Pixel Art - volume 3' as well as the SuperRare Exhibition: 'Invisible Cities'.

False Memory: Nagano

First in the trilogy of the "Memories Unlived" series: Three unique digital memories. A tribute crafted with care and nostalgia to unlived memories of Japan. A memory questioned. A windy day in Nagano, and you are out on an afternoon stroll. Time to take in some much needed sun as you've been cloistered away indoors so much this summer. A feeling of déjà vu takes a hold as you approach a short bridge laid over a swiftly flowing canal. You shake free of the false feeling of familiarity and the memory of it is swept away downstream.