Vittorio Bonapace

Vittorio Bonapace is an award-winning Digital Artist, Scenographer and Art Director based in London. He combines 3D and Digital Painting and he loves telling stories through Art. Trained in Stage and Production Design at the Rome Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, he worked for several years as a Scenic Artist and Painter with Maurizio Varamo for the “Opera di Roma” Lyric Theatre in Rome. Interested in the world of Architectural Visualization and Digital Art he specialised as a 3D Artist in high-quality photographic renderings, combining his artistic background with Computer Graphics. Always chasing beauty in all the artistic fields, he has covered the role of Art Director at Cityscape Digital in London, leading architectural visualization company. He is currently Art/Creative Director at his own Studio Vittorio Bonapace Studio in the borough of Hackney, London, exploring Digital Art and Digital Media. Featuring on SuperRare marketplace since June 2021.

The Potato Eaters On Mars

The author aimed to reinvent the original masterpiece painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1885 with the purpose of creating a strong contrast and juxtaposition between the seriousness, the poverty and the social disease of the original artwork with the current movement of money around nft’s and the raising of a brand new market.

Commuting On Mars

loves to tell stories through Art