Lorenzo Eda aka eDaXer, has its first roots in the world of art through the urban shapes and colors that represented Milan in the midst of the socio-cultural change consequential to a sudden and drastic advent of the digital universe, which directly influences the vision of the concrete nuanced by shades of reality until now considered obsolete, and it was precisely this period that influenced the artist, who during a path born from the pure expressive gestures of graffiti then poured into the harmony of beautiful writing, in search of an expression that recalled the origins of urban reality in that period of such drastic change, suddenly impacts on a digital context that is socially affirmed as it is unknown, where emotions are closely linked to logic and where logic fails in the face of the constant change that surrounds us, in an eternal inner conflict.

Annuit Coeptis - SE

Annuit Coeptis was born from a profound reflection on the concept of technological decentralization, which laid the foundations for the development of the NFT world, which now represents in all respects the reality of the future of the art world.