Die with the most likes is an Indiana based artist and writer fueled by humanity's excruciating but willing descent into characterless orbs engineered for aimless consumption and expulsion. Their art is birthed from the same blue light that is destroying us all, propelling the already unstoppable orgy of senseless ingestion. Their undying digital presence has infected entities like SuperRare, KnownOrigin, Foundation and Hic Et Nunc. Their work was featured in the first ever digital art exhibition in Milan and will be included in the upcoming Venice Biennale festival.

Carrion town

Every intricacy of our city existed within those sagging muscles. Flesh buildings and tendon roads, organs erected and painstakingly manipulated to appear like the disintegrating infrastructure of bridges and buildings. Many families arrived at the swollen carcass over the next few days, observing the wound from afar. They stared at it from sun up to sun down, admiring the place they hated but endured, refusing to consider the logistics or reason behind the frayed tissue replica. Eventually, the body began to decompose, and flies began to gnaw at the city, consuming the walls of every building and the yellowing discharge of every resident. We listlessly observed the dismantling. Before long, only bones remained and we returned to our lives and shopping, but sometimes I still thought of the flies and the ease at which they destroyed everything I knew.

A good harvest

A good harvest. A name chosen by management to instill a sense of calm in those of us required to compartmentalize every moment of productivity or inactivity during the day. It is a mechanism for us to think about colorful gourds and hot apple cider instead of leaving. A word that suggests motion or change or bounty, but we all knew the seasons never changed under our fluorescent lights and there was very little to be taken from our tainted farmlands.