Fabio Catapano

Fabio Catapano (b. 1987) is a London-based digital artist who specialises in the space where society, technology and nature meet. Fabio was born and grew up in the buzzing city of Naples, by the sea. He started to experiment with digital art in his teenage years, and then cultivated this interest during his studies in anthropology and sociology at the University of Naples, Federico II. Today, Fabio’s work focuses on interrogating and depicting the connective tissue between humankind, machines and their environment – both natural and human-made. Using computational systems to generate his work, he embraces the dichotomous and symbiotic relationship between the tool and the creator in a machine/human co-creation. In this process, he questions the confine where the tool takes over the creator and vice versa. Fabio’s work uses custom software to explore different media, including visuals, video, audiovisual performances, and generative and interactive pieces

Il bacio

Il Bacio (The Kiss), Francesco Hayez 1859 The project "Data Aura" interrogates the meaning of masterpieces' aura in the era of non-fungible tokens. What's the meaning of value and how does our perception of it change.