Jonathan Quintin better known in the art world as “mbsjq’ or ‘Astro' is a contemporary digital artist & graphic designer with over 20 years experience based in the United Kingdom. Mbsjq has worked alongside the worlds leading brands including Aon/Manchester United, Google, Intel, Kraken, Mitsubishi Motors, NBC Sports Network, Tommy Hilfiger/Rafa Nadal, VMware & TikTok to name a few. An impressionist at heart, a surrealist in execution. Known for his obsession of vibrant colors, outer space & surrealism, he focuses his art on creating progressive, compelling and futuristic compositions inspired by space and his daughter, to which he collaborated with on an NFT called ‘The Future Of Color’. After entering the #nft space in October 2020, mbsjq gained OG Cryptoartist status throughout 2021with a boom of huge sales, features and collaborations. mbsjq has become one of the most followed artist on SuperRare alongside OG’s XCOPY, Hackatao & Pak. In 2021 mbsjq reached the Top 20 in Global NFT Sales. March 2021 his piece 'Sweet Lullabies’ was featured on national television on BBC World. mbsjq first collaboration was 'LOL’ on SuperRare with #cryptoart OG’s Hackatao featuring Astro & The Universe went on to sell for a staggering 185.0 ETH ($573,993.95) on the secondary market. mbsjq went on to collaborate with Playboy featuring 'Miami Dance’ which was exhibited at Bitcoin Miami Conference and featured on by Adweek & Forbes. In a hugely happy shock mbsjq was then approached to celebrate Freddie Mercury’s 75th birthday, where he created ‘Colorful Soul’ and all proceeds of the not auction went to fund AIDS research and education. Throughout 2021 mbsjq art was featured on Billboards in LA, New York & London. He also Exhibited at Art Basel Miami, and in Dubai, London & Shanghai. Mbsjq dream collaborations would be with NASA & Nike.

The Heart That Bleeds

"My heart is bleeding, hold me now. I’m falling." Astro & The Universe by mbsjq 2021