Marcello Baldari

Marcello Baldari (b.1987) is an Italian 3D Character Artist from Turin. He has been working for the entertainment industry since 2008 and over the years has created a personal style called Polysketch. In 2013 Marcello Baldari devoted himself to his style by combining his two great passions: digital sculpture and concept art. These two worlds, mixing and contaminating each other, gave life to the Polysketch technique. The works created and sculpted with this technique are extremely dynamic and give the sensation of movement to anyone who observes. The subjects draw inspiration from the imagination of the gaming and graphic novel world and are represented as they were gestures. The gesture is a quick execution drawing aiming to immortalise through the eyes a moving subject.

Polysketch - Onna Bugeisha

Known as the onna-bugeisha, these samurai women were something very fearsome indeed. Masters of the sword and knife.


Fate whispers to the warrior “You cannot withstand the storm”. And the warrior whispers back: “I am the storm”.. Warfare is an art that Gork knows and masters superbly. As well as the strength and ferocity he faces those who hinder his path with. To be continued...