Panter Xhita

Panter Xhita is twenty seven years old argentinian artist. She has a degree in Visual Arts and has been creating physical art for more than ten years.In 2020 she found out about cryptoart. After a couple of weeks, she understood the potential of the space. Immediately left her job and, since then, devoted herself full time to the task. Nowadays, she has her work displayed in some of the best cryptoart markets: SuperRare and KnownOrigin, and in dozens of private collections in the metaverse. She did collaborations with large crypto companies such as CoinGecko and CoinDesk, and her work has now over a hundred collectors around the globe.Today, she travels the world as a digital nomad in search of inspiration through the knowledge of different cultures.

Augment reality: Visit a friend

(Scan the QR code to complete the concept). We look at reality through different screens. We go from cellphones to our laptops, because of work; to the television or Nintendos, when we need to rest. And then, of course, to our cellphones again. We even have the concept of “augmented reality” and we use it to describe the act of interrupting reality. Or worse, the act of diminishing reality.