Six N. Five

Six N. Five is the studio of Ezequiel Pini’s work, an award-winning Argentinian designer and digital artist based in Barcelona. Since 2014, Six N Five has specialized in creating digital and real worlds and experiences with a clean and modern aesthetic. In addition to having worked with the most recognized brands and creators, their trajectory and artistic works have been pioneers in their field. From the beginning, Ezequiel's main goal was to legitimize CGI as a new medium of artistic expression. Nowadays we could say that this is already happening. Their refined imagination, poetic compositions, edgy minds, and sleek skills make 6N5 stand out in its uniqueness and purity of results.

The Red Spot

A red spot on the landscape that shows me where I should go.

The Circle

It evokes time, or more precisely, the fragments of time that pile up in a vast scenario of unique moments and memories. It is an introspective journey of wonder and imagination through these glimpses of time. This simple form has been a character present in my work for years, it represents care, calm, and attention to achieve its ultimate perfection. We are a circle, without boundaries, beginning or end. Infinity, Unity, connection, just a circle in expansion.