Niro Perrone

"After years dedicated to music production, during the pandemic I discovered a passion for visual art, thanks to some drawings I made for my children. I love to transfigure our reality in a humorous way. I take inspiration from my personal life's episodes, from news stories and current events, but also from socio-political issues. In my works I narrate stories about subjects with a surrealist twist, often flanked by pop characters, mainly depicted in dystopian scenarios."

Pscheisse Inc.

They create problems and then they sell us solutions. Then they expect us to buy those solutions because we trust that they know us better than we know ourselves.

Everybody knows by now | 𝔂𝓾 𝓬𝓪𝓲 x Niro Perrone

Cement grubbed up by fervid rituals, everybody knows by now. Boundaries had collapsed from the call of a flesh full of runny expectations, way down a pool of shy temptations. The unavoidable deterioration made no forecast. The grass is hostile in the tones of those who have crossed through indigestions parked in illogical wills. Dj Mic had given everything that night: he couldn't fail himself like that time when a faulty cable dug the weaknesses soaked by failure. Everybody knows by now. Yu Cai x Niro Perrone collaboration: NIRO & YU '22 联合创作