Raphael Lacoste

Raphael Studied at the Fine arts school of Bordeaux France in art and Media, photography. later he got a master of art in 3D animation at the CNBDI of Angouleme and Portsmouth University. His work is often a combination of his practices of traditional art, photography and CGI. The Artist likes to mix his various techniques like 3D modeling, CG lighting and photography to explore various designs in his mixed medias creations . Raphael Worked in both Film industry as matte painter , concept Artist and in the Video Game industry as Concept Artist and Artistic Director. These various knowledges are helping him to create immersive images exploring various worlds and universes.


Cernunnos, "the horned", the Gallic god of renewal and natural cycles. Very widely represented in the Celtic world, his worship probably predates the Gauls. Cernunnos, the god of the forest surrounded and protected by his druids, reaches the heart of the sylvan sanctuary. Calm and serene, dominating by his charisma and natural presence, does not fear the end. Digital Painting 5000x2812 pixels.