Léo Caillard

Léo Caillard is an established french artist exhibited in several major museums and art fairs around the world. He started to work on digital creations in 2010 and have been working on both marble sculptures & digital NFT versions of them since 2019. His work has been published in international Press & exhibited alongside some of the most important artists of the last 20 years. He made a strong start in the NFT community with a fast growing value on his unique 1/1 NFT. ( 10 eth + official auction sales in Paris & On Superrare secondary market )

The Diamond Angel

This work represented an angel inspired by Bernini classical Italian sculptures. A bitcoin is fixing is drapery and a Diamond is on top of his spear. Does the desire of rarity and money make us believe in new paradigm ? Or maybe the Blockchain will allow us some to become « Angels » living In some new « Metavers ». Nobody knows, but the question of the evolution of humanity remains. Over the era & the centuries.