Mattia Giordano

Mattia Giordano is an artist, photographer and director born in Italy.
 His eclectic artistic conception, halfway between video art and photography - a link born from the playful encounter, which initially took place through disposable cameras, and merged into exhibitions, site-specific installations and commissioned creative projects.
 His poetry focuses on the emotional bond with the objects and subjects portrayed, using expedients and techniques that outline unusual stories and anomalous relationships from everyday life and apparent normality.
 His approach lays its foundations in the deepening of urban social contexts and recurring actions. He plays with everyday objects found on the street, evoking shared memories and suggesting new perspectives in the banality of habits.

Unwilling Move

Mattia Giordano's performance ‘Unwilling Move' shows the artist cramming ceramic plates into a box. Every single plate is carelessly dropped until it shatters into pieces of different sizes. The fracture of the plates breaks into a serene context, modifying the very moment that the plate suggests. From being a symbol of conviviality that unites the diners around the table in the celebration of a serene time, the dish takes on an uncertain future, threatened by the abrupt unfolding of events.