Artur Gadzhiev

Artur Gadzhiev is a digital artist from Moscow. His work is powerful and visually striking, yet serene and delicate. The beautiful dance between visuals and music. Through his work, Artur studies the contrasting nature of objects, the way they react to light. He is also intrigued with the idea that everything is made up of molecules; and that the way they are assembled is what gives an object its form.

Milky Sea

"Milky Sea" is an immersive painting, in the contemplation of which the viewer dissolves into the infinity of the universe. The Milky Sea effect is one of the greatest mysteries of the world's oceans. Many sea creatures have the mysterious ability to glow in the dark. "Neon" illumination allows them to survive in a dangerous environment.

Symphony of Corals

The synthesis of symphony and mathematics creates fantastic forms

Depth of the Ocean

Unexplored worlds in the farthest corners of the ocean give rise to creatures that no one has ever seen. Flexibility, equanimity, fluidity, and lightness on one side. Power, danger, and unpredictability on the other. The union of the natural form with pure energy

Soul reflections

"Soul Reflection" is a thought-provoking work of art that invites the viewer to contemplate the innermost depths of the human spirit. Through vivid imagery and rich symbolism, the artist masterfully captures the essence of the soul, reflecting its complexities and nuances with profound insight. The striking use of color and light adds an emotive dimension to the piece, drawing the viewer into a world of introspection and self-discovery. This powerful artwork invites one to delve into the mysteries of the soul and embrace its beauty, even in its darkest moments.