Originally from the former Soviet Union (Karaganda, Kazakhstan, 1982), in 1995 Ivan Grebenshikov moves with his family to Ticino, in Switzerland, where he grows up and studies. Following an itinerary of artistic studies in Italy, between the Frattini Art College in Varese and the Faculty of Painting at the Brera Academy in Milan, he embarks on a professional artistic journey that sees him exhibit internationally, win various prizes and grants, including the Macconi Prize in 2011, to get included with a piece in the collection of the Ticinese Contemporary Art Museum (MACT) and to participate in various artistic residencies. Starting in 2021 he joins the premium platform for digital art SuperRare where he currently exhibits his work. In 2022 he also participated at the prestigious exhibition DART2121 at Museum della Permanente, in Milan.


Is quite a lengthy, for NFTs standards (1m 33s), fully CG video row which can be seen as a magnum opus of grebenshyo’s production at the current stage. At the same time it’s an example of dense collaboration work, being it developed together with eopane (Matteo Pane) on the visual plane and having its sound design created by madgrv (Matteo Galesi).