Emanuele Dascanio

Emanuele Dascanio was born in Italy in 1983. In 2003 he enrolled at the Brera Academy, but feeling he was living in a decadent environment for the same art, he left the Academy after six months. Continuing to feel the desire and the need for an artistic growth, he learns the technique of oil painting as it has been handed down from the Renaissance. He has participated in various competitions and exhibitions at national and international level, ranking in the first places. He devotes a lot of time to the study of artistic techniques and to the search for the continuous improvement of his expressive abilities. In 2018 Emanuele Dascanio becomes IBEX MASTER, considered one of the most successful drawing artists in the world, his works are part of the prestigious IBEX COLLECTION. In 2020 he was called to become an honorary member of the DLC - Della Leader Club, the world's 1st highly curated business technology platform with over 2300++ domain experts in 53 countries. His artworks are found in private collections in all over the world.

Dialogue with the Father

Can an artwork have a beating heart, a soul in dialogue with anyone who wants to talk to it? My answer is YES, but my answer will be an NFT . "Dialogue with The Father" reflects my personal way of perceiving contemporary art. This NFT fits into the context of a new advanced and experiential fruition of the artistic object. I felt trapped, heavy and aged due to the continuous living on the edge of two great worlds: the slow one of our origins and the fast modern one, projected towards an uncertain future. ⁣Today I have a new certainty: I will untie these strings by giving life to a new dialogue. ⁣ Almost disappearing into the line of my rigid technique, I am just an observer who waits, works, judges, hopes. ⁣Inside this vision, through my works of art I speak in an unrepeatable "here and now".