Mattia Pannoni

Mattia Pannoni (Isernia, 10 June 2000) is an Italian photographer and visual artist. His artistic work is strongly influenced by dystopian visions, spirituality and the recurring theme of the duality of human consciousness and the conflict that this duality generates as chaos and order. A slow process born to investigate the primordial emotional states of the human soul. Inspired by the nature around him, he started making works as a teenager in Molise. Photography has become a means of escape, allowing him to construct elaborate scenes and enter parallel universes. Pannoni's work is strongly influenced by the history of art in the digital age. He explores the concepts of fantasy and surrealism such as the human form and its connection with nature. He is completely self-taught and relies on his eyes and natural instincts when creating. His style is characterized by simple compositions that frame more significant and universal themes.


The name "Utican" refers to the idea of becoming a resident of Utica, a place in which I've spent a fair bit of time and started to feel at home. Utican represents a proud, celebratory realization that you don't need something in your life. You are no longer a resident of your past. Utica is more of a metaphor for that time of life, rather than the actual place.