Jack Kaido

Jack Kaido is a digital abstract painter whose art explores emotions, memories, ideas and concepts through expressionism, colour theory and the digital medium. His paintings are positioned within the emerging genre of fine art digital abstract painting and are minted on blockchain technology; cryptoart collected via cryptocurrency. His third series Errors, released on the cryptoart platform Known Origin, became one of the best selling collections in the platform’s history. Traces, his fourth series, explores expressionistic abstract digital painting with surfaces such as apps and the internet as the canvas, and is being released periodically on SuperRare. Kaido's abstract art resides in private collections worldwide and is owned by some of the world’s leading cryptoart collectors.


Passage explores transitional states, be that death, the alleged death of painting throughout history, and evolution — whether that evolution is artistically, personally as individuals, or collectively as a species. The painting is essentially a collage, while being several different paintings painted on top of one another as well as the internet, while being a singular expressionistic painting, all at once.