Nicola Scognamiglio

Graduated in Naples in architecture, winner of the 2020 cgawards, he first discovered photography, then cinema, then he voted his creativity to "pure" Digital Art. Scognamiglio's work uses an approach to classical painting reinterpreted through new digital tools. Oneiric visions, descriptive of moods and sensations are the focus of his research. With a cinematic eye he observes his surroundings and draws inspiration from it. Born and raised in Naples, now established in Amsterdam, he owes to his city the nature capable of experimenting and evolving based on the circumstances and unpredictability of the situations he experiences, often reinterpreting them in a dystopian key. In his works, reality and illusion are confused, as if the difference between our virtual alter ego and the materiality of the surrounding degradation had never existed.

Coming thru

Coming thru, Perception of a moment. Digital painting The painting shows a particular condition, a fleeting moment. It is the synthesis of an instant when two people trying to touch each other but they fail and pass through. Or maybe the way around, when they decide to give up. Passing through the other they still manage to shatter themselves. What we are made of does not always fit the will of ourselves, our desires or temptations. But our life happens in that momentum. Trying to get to the other side, playing it all out. How many times have you shattered yourself in an attempt to get to the other?