Mattia Sarti

Born in 1988, after high school graduating and various work experiences in the province of Rovigo, in 2009 he won a scholarship to the European Institute of Design in Turin, where he moved in the same year until he obtained a bachelor's degree in transportation design. After living and working in Milan and then London as a designer and art director collaborating with various companies ranging from fashion to 'entertainment, in 2015 he took his first steps into the world of art. In his works he tries to tell with irony the faces, hopes and disappointments of contemporary society, believing that the end is more important than the means, he ranges from painting to sculpture with the aim of creating "images" that speak of contemporaneity. In 2020 he founded POP POP gallery, an online space for promoting artists and digital projects.

Another opera call fragile – Reboot 2022

The work representing a marvelous "Monarch" butterfly want create a reaction of disgust in the viewer through the unexpected explosion of the protagonist subject, as if to remind us that everything belonging to our lives is "in danger" and at any moment can fall apart. The work perfectly embodies one of our "guilty pleasures" inherent in the human soul: enjoying the destruction of the universally idolized. The name "Another opera call fragile" mocks the abuse of the adjective "fragile" inflated in contemporary society that labels a large segment of the population depriving them of their individuality.

Another Opera Call Fragile - Marble

Two beautiful butterflies shatter like crystal.