Melkio was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1984 and has always been drawing. What this "always" means is Melkio himself who explains it: “For as long as I can remember, but I've always thrown everything away… done the drawing, then off in the trash. For me it was so natural that it made no sense to keep them ”. He uses drawing and his creativity for many years in the world of electronic music and events, but it is only thanks to the 2020 lockdown that, pushed by his partner, he decides to devote himself completely to art. His artistic career has grown in symbiosis with an imaginary, which we could define in perennial expansion. Imaginary understood as direction, focused on a narration, on the telling of a story that his projects, characters and works communicate through a decisive line. The works are designed to underline the overall form, at the service of a highly surreal and hyper-unrealistic imaginary.

Machine needs love

A new order out of chaos confuses the artificial with the natural, but without one of the two parts nothing really exists.

Generation battle

Generation battle is showing off the differences between two communication styles. The past and present, The words and emojis, The voice and smartphone. Nobody wins, because despite the tools and the methods, The power of the language, The power of the message itself, remains always the same.

Hyper Humanity

Hyperbolic vision of the essence of humanity with a dystopian flavor of a parallel dimension