Migrating lines comes from the idea of migrating into different dimensions, fields, and mediums through my creations. My work merges storytelling, animation, interaction and sketching. It also creates a world of its own. I've been creating and drawing artworks for more than 18 years. I've been imagining, drawing, writing and creating the story of Dino (my character) for many years now and i decided to bring it to life in the NFT space. Dino (my character) is a young kid that discovers a hidden Magical World and invites people to join him in his journey by unlocking portals. These portals are actual locations of Dino's World that have taken the form of 1/1 NFTs on platforms such as Foundation and SuperRare.

Dino's Soul

Dino's Magical World is an interactive story that links Collectors to the World discovered by Dino. It merges three concepts: Storytelling - Gaming - Interaction. Dino decides to continue the journey with the hope of discovering Bao, a place where he could connect the discovered portals. Dino was dreaming of a possibility to invite all his friends to the Magical World. A place where they could all gather and dream. A place where he could be a protagonist. A place that he could call ‘home’ in the Magical World. He finally reaches Bao, the place where he could build a safe space, the location that only the dreamers and believers can unlock. This location is a reminder that one of the most important things in a journey is to follow your dreams.