Bruno Cerasi

Bruno Cerasi is an Italian artist, born in Bologna in 1983. His artistic research undergoes a profound change when in 2009 he is the victim of an ischemic stroke that deprives him of part of his sight and his field of vision. He approaches installations and spaces almost by necessity, abandoning painting. Since then his investigation has focused on the study of the invisible connections that bind relationships between people. Using the ether itself as a canvas, Cerasi conceives sculptures, mostly site-specific, exposing the web of underlying connections that dominate our lives. He exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, in Italy and abroad.

Faded22/ May

Faded22 / was born because Bruno's vision is continuing to decrease, very slowly. The project is all about this. Every month he will have an examination to his eyes and his field of vision. Thanks to a specially designed algorithm, Cerasi will transform the response of these examinations into a digital butterfly, its colors will be decided by the numbers 'decided' by his eyes. Each month 1 butterfly will be available on Foundation, the platform chosen for the drops of the 12 NFTs. Month by month, Bruno carries out a specialist ophthalmologist visit with which he is able to monitor the decrease in his vision. The results of the visit describe, through numerical data, how much Bruno's vision is changing and thanks to them we get what is the basis of Faded22/ The work Faded22 / May refers to the visit carried out on May 17, 2022 and it’s the fifth butterfly dropped in the project.