Andrea Crespi

Andrea Crespi is an Italian visual artist whose work develops in the continuous investigation of different media and themes including optical illusions, social transformations, and the digital revolution. Materializing these concepts with the interpretation of contemporary cultural changes. Often see him involved in various charity and solidarity initiatives. Crespi’s research identifies art as an instrument of perception and analysis of truth through a search for beauty, sometimes manifesting itself in an intimate, personal and erotic portrait of it.


“Every child is an artist. The challenge is to remain an artist after grow up.” This sentence by Pablo Picasso has always made me think. Children say and do things in a simple way and they are true. In my artistic research simplicity and immediacy characterize many of my works because I want my messages to be enjoyed and understood by anyone without exclusion. Simplifying is much more difficult than complicating. Among the many problems we face, I thought of that of war, which has always belonged to the history of our Civilization. In the United States one of the most widespread words is “WAR”. The current conflict between Russia and Ukraine is just one of many wars plaguing our flood causing death, suffering, and hatred among the people. The message I want to send is as simple as it is true. If I asked a child what he thinks of war with great probability he would tell me that war is for the stupid.