Rossana De Lorenzo

The origin of the communication and literary production sector (for which Rossana De Lorenzo also receives awards in national contests) allows her to immediately understand the remarkable potential of Digital Art and NFT, which she decides to explore through personal research ranging from abstract, to glitch aesthetics, to digital collages, with a predilection for Cyberpunk atmospheres and the dimension of the Metaverse.

The Eye

The work, “The Eye,” is a tribute to one of the brightest and most important moments in life: the one in which we open our eyes, become aware of ourselves and our place in the world. Everything is played on the gaze of the subject in the foreground, on the bright and saturated colors deliberately obtained through a sort of chromatic lattice, from which the protagonist of the work is freed precisely through the powerful act of awareness. In the background an urban landscape as a space in which the subject moves and perceives himself in his thoughts and desires.

Look at me

Look at me

Thinking Machine

Thinking Machine (from the collection Ex Machina), is a metaphor regarding the increasingly sophisticated capabilities of machines, which are moving toward a mimesis of the human and its sentient being.