NIccolò Casati

Italian sculptor and tattoo artist, approaches the digital art with the purpose of blending the two crafts together. Interested in drawing and artistic practices already at an early age, Niccolò attended the School of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. Between the sculptural activity and the practice of tattooing he found many points of contact, which are what prompted him to undertake this new practice at the end of his academic studies. His concept of tattooing is in fact that of shaping the body just as it does with a sculpture, working on the volumes and anatomy of the subject with whom he relates each time, in a unique and unrepeatable way. Therefore, his tattoos, inspired by the tribal, reinterpreted in a modern and sometimes ornamental way, develop almost entirely freehand, directly on the skin of the subject.


David is the first work of the collection “Sculptural appropriation”. The theme of the collection, as the title suggests, consists in works that have a sculpture as their subject. They are delocalized from their usual cultural context and reinterpreted in a new space-time, with the aim of making people think about socio-political issues such as the invasions and prevarications of one culture over another.