Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell is an abstract generative artist based in Virginia. Andrew creates art to counterbalance the chaos of the modern world. He is the Co-Founder of Mitchell and Yun Studios and the Co-Creator of the Primera. He has worked on a range of individual generative art collections including SKY MEADOW,and Kinetics. As well, he has individual works spanning ETH and XTZ in the collections The Creation of the Universe, Planes, Fomalhaut, and Flume.


0xa7a4421a2ca24db9d18f9d5ae2f4cfe62676279e01f52f72025463b4d3bb972a Generated with JavaScript by Andrew Mitchell in 2022. Re-centering myself.


Created with Javascript + p5js by Andrew Mitchell in August, 2022

Royal Palace

Generated with p5js. In nature's palace we are surrounded by beauty, untainted by the artificiality of society.