Jos is a digital artist from Buenos Aires. He builds semi-static surreal worlds to share his perception: everything is as beautiful as it is absurd. His work focuses on the wonder that resides in every manifestation of being and the way it communicates to those who take the time to stop and observe. His main interests are surrealist scenarios and their link to human intervention, mainly industrious, as well as dystopian imagery and the visual representation of our link to the cosmos: The perspective in which such a contrast places us and the undoubted privilege of being silent accomplices of a beauty that precedes us and will survive our passing. He began his journey in the NFT ecosystem in October 2020 and his exhibited works are already in the hands of prestigious collectors.


NatureVerse is the territory of possibility: VR makes us masters of dimensions, distances, the bath of light and the weight of things. Like dangerous gods in the metaverse we can shape Nature. A digital city comes to life on the top of a sand and concrete hybrid dune where everything the artificial light touches vibrates under our astonished gaze Witnesses to the materialization of our dream landscape Engineers of surreality. So far, every step taken to learn the mysteries of nature, to imitate its wonders, to integrate ourselves into its secret, has been accompanied by a visceral disregard for its condition, for the conservation of its resources and for the construction of a future of satisfactory coexistence. We have intervened nature at our whim. We have erected iron fantasies to the point of populating the earth with our own scenography. We have loved nature with the same passion with which we have destroyed and plundered it. NatureVerse is the territory of opportunity. Become one with nature again or continue the path of disintegration. Learn or fail Create or keep tearing down: Consciousness 3.0