Studio Meeson

Meeson Pae (Studio Meeson) is a Korean-American artist based in Los Angeles. Her work explores the convergence of science, technology and mythology into a thickly layered stratum of images and objects reflecting systems and biomorphic abstractions within nature and the body. Her work focuses on compressing various mediums into a hybrid liminal space that opens up concepts of transformation, transmutation, cycles, otherness, fantasy, whimsy, and otherworldly explorations. She has exhibited her work throughout the U.S as well as Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Dubai, India, Hong Kong, South Korea, and China. Meeson has collaborated with Le Meridien Hotel, WebMD, Internet Brands, Royal Caribbean International and many more in large-scale public art projects to create engaging immersive experiences with art.

Pulse (Peach)

Pulse (Peach) is an animation based on the exploration of biomorphic forms suggesting states of transformation and mutation. The biomorphic abstractions allude to body parts, vast landscapes, and microscopic forms. Pulse (Peach) draws connections between the internal and external, organic and synthetic, and the real and dream.