Giovanni De Benedetto

Giovanni De Benedetto (born in Udine in 1989) is a klecksography fne art artist who created a specifc technique employing action painting, digital photography, and post-production, for which he coined the term Augmented Klecksography Paintings (AKPs) to describe his creations. PREMATURE is the project gathering all the AKPs, where the beholders are an active part of the creative process, projecting themselves into the artwork, creating in this way their unique work of art, and sharing their visions with others. Giovanni obtained several recognitions in the fne art photography feld, and his PREMATURE artworks have been exhibited in major cities worldwide, from Berlin to New York, Los Angeles, Miami Beach, Paris, and Hangzhou. In 2022 De Benedetto won the Decentral Art Pavilion contest in Venice, earning the 71st spot within the exhibition, and he has been invited to join Artpoint, a French consultancy agency that creates bespoke digital art installation for companies and high-end real estates.


PREMATURE is the multimedia project that includes all the Augmented Klecksography Paintings , pushing the boundaries of the creative possibility of inkblot art, where the aesthetic power of the artist's original paintings is enhanced through the mean of photography. Klecksography is the technique of making images starting from inkblots, pioneered by Justinus Kerner since the second half of the 19th century and soon afer used by the famous psychoanalyst Hermann Rorschach. Te union between klecksography and digital photography creates an outcome that immortalizes the freshness of each original painting (rigorously A4 size) and enhances its details, making the digital fle of the artwork the defnitive piece of art, ready to be wide-printed or minted in the Blockchain. Te genesis of a PREMATURE artwork resides in the silent dialogue established between the artist and the paint, which is shaped under the artist's fngers, following the path of the matter until the point it can reveal itself before him. Te object of this revelation is the form that constitutes the work of art, depicting creatures never thought nor designed, fgures of anthropomorphic beings coming from the subconscious and loaded with such an inherent visual power that they take on a life of their own in front a viewer's sight. De Benedetto's investigation, which is focused on the revelation rather than the creation, pushes the boundaries of a known-by-few technique as klecksography to obtain a peculiar and a brand new aesthetic based on the imperfection of symmetry and on obsessive research on highlighting the textures. De Benedetto, with his Augmented Klecksography Paintings, wants to point the focus on the discovering of the subconscious through the creative process, where the artist is not in plain control on the formation of the piece. Freeing the chance and the instinct to collaborate with, the artist witness the materialization of the infnite possibility of the matter in shapes that deal with the subconscious, allowing the interpretation. “Take each PREMATURE revelation as a mirror for refecting yourself into the work of art”.