Cem Hasimi

"I am an award-winning art director and digital artist who has created influential campaigns for top blue chip clients in the commercial world. For almost 15 months I’ve been creating and bringing my experience to NFTs. Since then my expressive animations earned spots in the collection of Cozomo de Medici, who displayed my work in Times Square as part of NFTNYC."

The Ego

"Feeding my artist ego."

The Eye

"I am awake now."

The Gossip

𝔀π”ͺ π–Œπ–’ 𝓰𝓢 𝑔𝓂 π•˜π•ž gm ᧁκͺ‘ ᧁׁ κ©‡ΧΧ…έŠ ɒᴍ Ι―Ι“ πŸ„ΆπŸ„Ό