Jahnvi Arora

Jahnvi Arora is an artist, fashion designer and entrepreneur from India. Currently 23 years young she started creating art professionally at the age of 17. She has had several solo and group exhibits with an invitation from many galleries around the world. Her work shouts vibrancy whether it’s a conceptual art piece with vintage vibes and elements or a painting done with knives. She entered the nft space an year ago and has successfully made a mark by selling 27 of her pieces to 21 unique collectors. Jahnvi’s work has also been displayed in the “Portrait of an era” the world’s most valuable nft exhibit at HOFA London amongst many bluechip artists and projects. She runs a community based project called “Rareattic” and also owns the fashion brand “Bullaneo”.


There's always a battle between good and evil, important is what you choose and feed your soul.


When you wear the sacred crown of power, oftentimes you'll be surrounded by both protectors and destroyers.


Your mind attracts tranquility and abundance when you connect to nature.