Simon Dee

Simon Dee is an Italian graffiti artist who began his career in 2003/2004. After a long apprenticeship, he joins the most historic Italian graffiti crew, the TDK crew. In 2017, however, he decides to change his stage name and Simon Dee is born. The artist completely changes style and media used being one of the first artists in the world to move graffiti culture from the wall to the digital with consistency and a strong presence on social media. To date, it boasts a large fanbase on many social networks with over 300k followers on Instagram, and more than 200k followers on both TikTok and Youtube. The key to success must certainly be attributed to the simplicity of language used by the artist who creates compositions with an urban flavor but with a very "pop" impact by mixing a lettering that winks at graffiti but which is accessible on a large scale to a wider audience.

Who is the vandal?

This is the second episode dedicated to the adventures of NoCap. We live in a society "bombed" by brands of all kinds that daily impose their brands on our devices, in our cities and in our daily life. Then there is NoCap, who also wants to leave his name in his city in the middle of the night. Neither party has any qualms, the important thing is that your "brand" is seen by as many people as possible.