Kaiwan Shaban

Kaiwan Shaban, is a 23 years old visual artist. Born and raised in the city of Akre in the Kurdistan region, Currently based in Warsaw, Poland. His creations represent an amalgamation of digital art and cinematography that conveys the best of both worlds allowing him to translate his imaginative ideas into this distinctive form of creative self-expression. For Kaiwan, Art is not just a job or a hobby to escape boredom, it gives meaning to his life and makes him always want to strive for the better to push his boundaries. That’s why he wants to inspire a generation of artists who will have just as much love and appreciation for the art as he does, maybe even more.

Lost In The Moment

Every lead got him to a dead end. What he knows is that he knows everything and nothing at the same time. He felt like giving it all up, but then what else would he be doing if not what he'd always been good at? Maybe the light at the end of the tunnel is just around the corner.