Jan Bora

Jan Bora lives in Milano. He graduated in architecture with Stefano Boeri as supervisor. 
He has been working in the CGI field since 2005, while continuing to develop his passion for photography.
He has worked with the Boeri studio and other important architectural firms in Oslo and Milano for several years participating in numerous international projects and exhibitions, including “USE – Uncertain States of Europe” at the Triennale di Milano and “Solid Sea” at Documenta11 in Kassel and at Biennale of Venice. As visual artist, he employs both photography and digital art often hybridized together.
He is very interested in the relationship between art and science, endeavouring to represent natural phenomena often invisible in fictitious representations.
His work addresses the problem of the weakness of reality in our time, increasingly dominated by technology, by the development of the virtual, and by the digital.

The Lightning Field

The Lightning Field, by the American sculptor Walter De Maria, is a work of Land Art situated in a remote area of the high desert of western New Mexico. This is a tribute to the great artist. Loop Animation Sound: Cello and Arp 2600 synthesizer

Faster than light

The special theory of relativity implies that only particles with zero rest mass (i.e., photons) may travel at the speed of light, and that nothing may travel faster. Particles whose speed exceeds that of light (tachyons) have been hypothesized, but their existence would violate causality and would imply time travel.

Magnetic fields

Many rocks contain iron-bearing minerals that act as tiny magnets. As magma or lava cool, these minerals begin to form. At this point the molten rock has not completely solidified, so the magnetic minerals floating in the molten mass, become aligned to the magnetic field