JakNFT is an anonymous digital artist who began minting glitch-style crypto art on the blockchain in 2021. His work is primarily available on Ethereum, but some of his works have also been minted on the Tezos and Bitcoin blockchains. Jak is one of the best-selling digital artists in the world, with sales exceeding $100k for a single piece of art. His work has been exhibited in prominent global locations, including at the Seattle NFT Museum’s “Crossing Over” exhibit in August 2022. Jak has a very diverse set of collections — which includes 1/1s, editions, bespoke profile picture projects (HOODIES, DOS Hoodies, OGs and NGs), derivatives and collaborations — while maintaining a consistent signature style across all of them. Jak is one of only a few NFT artists who is able to offer such a broad range in their art ecosystem and be successful in all the different angles. As Jak’s work has grown in popularity, a robust and highly engaged community has blossomed around his art. Prior to creating digital art under the anonymous name JakNFT, Jak created traditional artwork. He attended his first art classes in the 1990s. In the early 2000s Jak learned how to create digital art using Photoshop and other tools. He later took up formal studies in studio art and art history as part of his undergraduate education, and throughout that period became heavily involved with creating politically-themed street art and graffiti-style canvases. Between 2017-2021 Jak anonymously produced hundreds of crypto themed digital memes. Jak is also well-known in the NFT space for his involvement in several high-profile collaborations including those with serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee), Japanese digital artist Hiroji Kotegawa, and Michael Hafftka — whose works are displayed in MOMA, The Met, SFMOMA, Carnegie and National Gallery.

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