Cullen Colors

My name is Cullen Colors, I create physical pen and ink drawings and bring them to life with frame by frame animation. My work is meant to express the power of love and heartbreak, I feel that it’s something very controlling and can be mutually related to by humans from all around the world. Everyone has fallen in love before, it’s human nature and it’s so beautiful yet can end so painfully at the same time. For the passed couple of years now I have been creating my character Skully Boy that I use to express all these emotions I’ve buried and to share my story with you.

Bari | Cullen Colors x Violetta Zironi

Animation by Cullen Colors Song: Bari by Violetta Zironi (Collector will receive the full 4-minute song paired with the same visual as a separate NFT due to file size limitations. They will also receive the original hand drawn physical that was used to create the piece.) Cullen Colors x Violetta Zironi, 2022

Skully Boy #9 "FIXATION"

Rolling out of bed has only gotten harder in the morning. Hearts been shattered so it hurts to try again even though I’m addicted to love. At times I find myself wasting the entire day away, depression filled, and I crave all the things I don’t have right in front of me. Craving that euphoric high that sends electricity waves up and down the body leaving your hairs reaching for the stars. - Created by Cullen Colors using Pen/Ink and Prismacolor Markers (Touchups/Animation done in Adobe Photoshop), The GIF is 5333px x 5333px - Concept: ©MONOGRAMA - #GUARDIAN85 - Geo Location: