Mad Dog Jones

Visor is a triumphant tribute to cyberpunk and dystopian imagery, Visor by Ontario-based artist Michah Dowbak aka Mad Dog Jones, explores the dichotomous relationships between nature and technology. Through Dowbak’s innovative uses of technology, he conceptually and visually negotiates the boundaries of digital art, taking inspiration from Japanese animation, metropolitan settings, and natural phenomena. The digital realities he creates articulate an alternate realm in which the viewer experiences a dystopian path-simultaneously uncannily familiar and disturbingly otherworldly. Mad Dog Jones renders a light and color study of the face inside a motorcycle helmet within the present work, illustrating a vivid and captivating visualization of the metropolitan aesthetic. Dowbak’s previous works include a race-winning 2021 Silverstone helmet for 7-Time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton and race liveries for the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team for the 2022 F1 Miami GP. While working with top teams in Motorsport, Dowbak has also had a profound and groundbreaking role in NFTs. Selling his Replicator artwork for $4.1M at auction as well as his ‘Crash + Burn’ drop in 2021, Dowbak has proven to be an innovator. With the dynamic use of smart contracts and mechanics, he has shown the true potential of art in the digital realm.


Visor is an important artwork from Mad Dog Jones’ 2019 Tokyo exhibition ‘AFTERL-IFE WORLD,’ a series that contemplates an amalgam of alternate realities; the hyphen in the title points to the unexpected breaks in life, moments of pause and reflection.

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