I'm Simone Pellegrino, alias simoneup and I'm a 3D Italian artist, I'm 22 years old and I'm studying computer engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin.From years now we pass a really long time in contact with the digital world making it become an extension of ourselves, and Art, in all its forms, is the most natural way to express oneself.The common thread in all my artworks is definitely the search for freedom, Iike to play with strong colors, settings and fictional characters, in my imaginary world there is room for everyone!I create my work mainly using Cinema 4D which gives me the opportunity to shape my thoughts.

A new world is possible

Web3 is a small possibility of creating a better world, where freedom is an essential right, where everyone has the same chance and there is no discrimination. Is this really possible? Artists fight every day to improve their skills and try to emerge in a place that seems created especially for them, but fears can arise along the way ... We are creating the present and we have the possibility to change things, we have to think outside the box and open our eyes to a new era. A new era in which to truly be the masters of your life and your art.

Energy Revolution

In a short time, robots have established a harmony between technology and nature. A real energy revolution, AIs have found the right algorithm and continue to perfect it, the problem now is to repair the damage done by humans over the years, a difficult task even for such a powerful artificial intelligence.