I am an animator from South Korea now living in the bay area. I just want to make people smile with my animation and earn enough money along the way to keep this going until I'm dead. Seriously. - My story of art started when I was just a little kid who loved to doodle during class and never had the patience to focus on academics. Then, somehow I ended up in art school, where I was introduced to all the different types of art but I dropped out of college because I could not afford the tuition. But! I picked up a few tricks along the way and was fortunate enough to work for companies and studios with my limited skills at the time. I grinded my art craft for years doing personal, and client works. Now, I am freelancing, trying to make a living doing what I love.

Life and Death

We are born. We live life. We face death at the end of the road, but memories of us remain and live on.