Badiucao is one of the most popular and prolific China-born political artist, and he confronts a variety of social and political issues head on in his work. He uses his art to challenge the censorship and dictatorship in China via his Twitter account @badiucao. He believes history is constantly being unified and tampered with, and even forgotten, when free speech and democracy are absent. His art is a record of his personal perspective on social issues to confront the official record. He believes art and the internet has the power to deconstruct the arrogance and authority of dictatorship as a building block of individual awakening and free independence.


The work captures the origin of the global pandemic of Covid-19 via featuring Chinese dictator Xi Jinping feeding the virus as a baby in his arms. It sharply points out the undeniable responsibilities of the Chinese government for this global crisis. Chinese authority arrested and punished whistle-blower doctors like Dr Li Wenliang who tried to warn the public in early stage of the outbreak. The work is a visual evidence serving as pin in the history to remind that how an authoritarian and failed political system could cause global trauma and take millions people’s lives. For truthful works like this, the Chinese dissident artist Badiucao and his family have to face constant threat and harassment from Chinese government.