Anthony Sims

Anthony Sims' bold, chaotic expressions resurrect Mississippi's delta blues, refined by street culture and American Hip-Hop. Sims' work is known for having vivid background imagery, monstrous figurative characters, warm-toned patches, and articulate lines of poetry. Anthony makes raw, unfiltered figurative paintings that capture life from the eyes of a bi-racial, Southern American who seeks greater purpose and desires to overcome adversity regardless of the circumstances.


West Dallas aka Oakcliff is home to some of Dallas' most beloved graffiti artists. The area known as the Fabrication Yard is currently being bought up and turned into artists' lofts in an attempt to slowly "develop" the neighborhood into a high-value area. The main character of this particular piece features an anti-gentrification poster that was wheat-pasted onto a building in protest of these recent developments. The poster said, "Make sure West Dallas and her art aren't completely gentrified."


(This artwork is a triptych piece. The total size of the work is 40in height by 48in width. Each canvas is 40in height by 16in width.)

Tyre Nicols

January 7, 2022, a father was brutally assaulted by police officiers in Memphis, TN. His name was Tyre Nicols. He wasn’t just a father. The youngest of three children, Tyre left behind a grandmother, mother, step father, brothers, sister, and son. We will not forget his name. Tyre Nicols. Visit his photography page: