Alba de la Fuente

Alba de la Fuente (28) Madrid-based architect and 3D artist. Graduated as an architect in 2019, I have lived in London, Barcelona and Madrid stud- ying and working with renowned architects and artists such as Ricardo Bofill, Andres Reisinger, Tom Dixon, Sabine Marcelis, Charlotte Taylor. Since 2020 I have been working as an 3d artist/architect, I merge my knowledge about architecture with 3d design. I visualize spaces and their essence, focusing on architec- tural environments through textures, lights, shadows and perspectives. Looking for the appropriate concept in each project, I’m interested in the way of trans- mitting and the way of understanding it through the light, shapes and the essence of the space. Shapes and materiality are especially important in my projects, the balance between materials, textures and shapes allow the maximum expression of light. The result is spaces that reflect simplicity and serenity. Is in this harmony between light and space, where captivating plays of light are created.

The Gallery

'The Gallery' an art installation about the perception and design of digital architecture.