Lele Gastini

Lele Gastini, born 1993, is a freelance illustrator and visual artist from Alessandria, Italy. He works especially in black and white, ink, acrylics and digitally. His research is based on the use of lines and detail, he loves to imagine possible and impossible worlds. He currently works with individuals and companies, creating murals, illustrations, graphic designs and commissioned works. The continuous research and experimentation of black and white drawing is his life mission. Nft Artist since 2022, his works can be found on Foundation, Knownorigin, AsyncArt and ExchangeArt. Member of the Crypto Artists collective: "Bottega." Selected as Nft Artist for: Torino Graphic Days 2022 and Miami Beach Exhibition 2022 for Art Innovation Gallery.


One man, one eye and the world crisis. Freedom, abuses of power, and social issues are woven behind the back of a man who can be comforted, or trapped. Modern conflicts, hopes and fears are represented. Artwork created for "Miami Beach Exhibition December 1-3, 2022" curated by Art Innovation Gallery


"An eye, a woman, the concept of freedom. This work investigates the fleeting nature of independence and living free. Choices, rights and revolutions are represented under the distracted gaze of society." Created for Art Innovation Gallery on the occasion of the exhibition "The Sound Of Pixels" in Hong Kong during Art Basel 2023. This important work was originally conceptualized and created by Lele Gastini who, for the occasion, collaborated with fellow musician and composer Diego Ratto (TTØRA).


The conflict between humans and money, the two faces of power wielded by individuals: freedom and imprisonment. The constant pursuit of consumption and the transformation of wealth from a medium to a sole purpose, indicate a period of time where humans and nature are interconnected in a cycle where individuals control and depend on their needs: human beings will dominate and survive the impact of money. This work solidifies the collaboration between Lele Gastini and fellow composer Diego Ratto (TTØRA), who worked on the sound design.