Willea Zwey

Willea Zwey is an multidisciplinary digital artist and musician based in Chicago. Drawing from her background in architecture, Willea’s artworks depict otherworldly scenes with unconventional perspective, surreal elements and deep storytelling. Often incorporated with original music scores and animation, her work celebrates the multifaceted cultures of today’s digital world.


Present is a mind map of how one perceives growth, change, and discreteness through time. As a former architect, Willea has always been interested in building something that stands the test of time in its physical form and understanding what it might mean to live outside of time's influence. During Willea's childhood, an hour could last forever, but as an adult, an hour feels like minutes; the jealousy of past-self innocence is overwhelming as one can never attain this state of naivety again. In today’s world, one is often attempting to anticipate the future whilst weighing up the mental burden of removing ourselves from the present. Contemporary society is often preoccupied with chasing the immediately relevant, an impulse motivated by a yearning for moments of timelessness. The inevitability of time is inescapable, yet our search for immunity produces a splintered perspective of time and our relationship to it, an insidiousness explored throughout Zwey's work. Music co-written with Noxis.