Andrea Bevere

Andrea Bevere is an italian artist born in the north of Italy in 1989. Now he lives and works in Varese (Italy). Multifaceted artist with abstract and conceptual matrix, his art career started in 2007 with his first sketches on paper, which will turn along the years into pictures, sculptures, paintings and lately also into digital art as NFTs (Opensea and Enter platform). Since 2015 up to now his works have been shown at many group shows in the north of Italy especially in Milan and he had a solo exhibition in Varese. Since 2017 he shows he is represented by MA-EC Gallery in the very center of Milan (Italy). Thanks also to his studies in Communication and Psychology his conceptual and abstracts works inquiry current topics such as the decadency of modern society, the relationship between the concepts of mass media and beauty, the actual condition of women, up to the study of emotions and feelings like friendship, using colors as means to express them. Other works are inspired by contemporary and past art trends, re-elaborated in modern key, among Cubism, Metaphysics, Neodadaism and Ready-made. Andrea loves to create connections between art industry insiders. He actively teams up with a group of italian influencers art historians for physical and virtual events. Moreover, every week he talks to artists and the gallerist about new collaborations and technical support. His photos, sculptures and NFTs have Art Rights certification. Art Rights is automated certification platform, with blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.


Sara embodies the role of women in society. Despite the proclamations of equal opportunities between genders, women remain a figure in the background. Sara is not the emblem of a woman who passively accepts her condition but who, on the contrary, chooses to take an active role, paying the price of freedom on her own skin with pain and suffering. Sara's mouth-lock represents a border that today's society has not yet had the courage to cross and discover. Sara, with her candor, is a symbol of angelic purity and, while risking being swallowed up by the mysterious darkness in the background, she appears heedless of danger and self-confident.